DIY Union Jack Trunk


Who knew unpacking could be complicated?!?! Well at least for me it has been. I’m one of those people that likes to put things in their “rightful” place the first time, rather than continuously shuffling things from one place to another until it’s finally right.

I’d been trying to figure out what to do with my trunk from college because you can’t just throw good storage items away. I came across this fabulous DIY Union Jack Trunk which inspired me to paint the Brit flag on mine. And seeing that I love most things British, THIS WAS THE PERFECT IDEA!

Materials Used:
1. A trunk (I’d had mine since college).
2. A quart of paint & primer (I used Behr’s Latex , rather than a separate primer and paint  as Meredith did).
3. A tester sized of a colored paint (I used
4. A quart of another colored paint (I used
5. measuring tape
6. Painter’s tape size 1.88″
7. Painters tape size .94″
8. Scissors
9. A fine artist’s paint brush
10. A wider paint brush

Here’s some of my photos from the painting process. For step-by-step instructions visit Meredith and Gwyneth, the New Yorkie. She did a great job providing detailed instructions.

My trunk before I got started. I did clean the surfaces with warm soapy water and let it dried…

Supplies used…

I primed all sides…
Primed face

even the bottom…
Primed bottom

Now the taping for the design began…
First taped

Then I pulled the inner cross-shaped taping up, along with the center square…
Border taped

I wanted to be sure to carry the Union Jack stripe down the sides, so I taped that off as well…
Sides taped

This was the more challenging part. Creating the diagonal strips in the corners. (Definitely be sure to follow Meredith’s instructions here…
Final taped

As you can see, there were some touch-ups I needed to do…

When it was dried the next morning, I was eager to put it in it’s “rightful place” at the foot of my bed before heading to work. It’s serving as a seating bench…
Dried and finish
Dried and finish2

Stay tune for what’s to come on the inside of my DIY Union Jack Trunk!

Does this inspire you to start a project of your own? If so, what are you planning?

Painting Playlist:
Corrine Bailey Rae’s The Sea (album)
Lina’s Inner Beauty Movement (album)
Esperanza Spalding’s Chamber Music (album)


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