Knit Two | Kate Jacobs


After reading The Friday Night Knitting Club a couple of months ago, and left in complete shock at it’s ending–I thought I had been left completely hanging. But someone soon informed me that their was a Knit Two-a sequel. While Knit Two picks up five years later, Jacobs does an outstanding job making you feel as though haven’t missed a beat. It’s just an ordinary day catching up with friends. And this time much of the catching up doesn’t take place Walker and Daughter. The ladies have grown closer amid continuous life changes, helping one another, encouraging each other, and nonetheless supporting the club members in their endeavors. Knit Two comes full, and unlike the first book, I was left with a smile in my heart. Yet, it is still amazing how one person can bring a group together, even when they passed on.


The 11 Laws of Likability | Michelle Tillis Lederman


Lederman introduces likability by posing the “tried and true” question, “Who doesn’t want to be liked?” In some manner, in some fashion or way, we all want to be liked at some point or another. Michelle provides an insightful and practical take on being authentic to build positive self knowledge of one’s self; and the attitudes and social skills that help you understand and relate to others. Although, many of the supporting facts for the 11 Laws are common sense, we all could use a little reinforcement from time to time. Through the 11 Laws of Likability you learn the importance of being likable (not liked), liking yourself, and liking the people we meet. The biggest takeaway I shall forever remember is that “the world is a mirror.” So what do you see?

Pamper Me Time


After a busy weekend of priming & painting, and having a full week ahead of me, I decided to take some time last night to take care of myself. What I often call “My In-Home Spa Night.” I try to do this once a week, but lately with a hectic work schedule and still getting situated in my new home, I haven’t had the time. My manicure from the week before was completely ruined. And that’s no way to start a new work week.

1. Before anything begins, I cleaned my face.
2. While my face air dried, I removed the paint coated polish from my fingernails. Remember I mentioned I’d been painting and priming all weekend. No way I was going to work with primer coated nail polish.
3. I applied a clarifying clay mask to my face. It stayed on for 15 minutes. (5 minutes longer than I usually prefer).
4. While the mask was on, I did a quick cuticle cleanup and buff on my fingernails. I then applied the base coat.
5. By this time, the mask had dried on my face and was ready to be washed off. Anytime I wash my face, I use a new, wet paper towel to cleanse. Wrapped up by applying a blemish control toner and moisturizer. Viola! a refreshed, re energized face.


6. Next, I prepped by foot bath with warm water and baby oil. I let my feet soak for 10 minutes before applying a satin smoothie to exfoliate my feet.
7. After drying my feet, I finished off my foot spa by applying first some aloe vera moisturizer, and then, my Night Emollient cream. Lastly, my feet found comfort in my nifty spa socks
8. Now to polish my nails for the week. I opted for Merino Cool by Essie because I just not quite sure what my work wardrobe will be for the week. A little cool, neutral cool for the office place.


As it is often said, “You have to take some time to take care of yourself, if you expect to be to full take care of others.” Well here’s to starting a crazy week.

What are some things you do to pamper and treat yourself at-home?