Table for Seven | Whitney Gaskell


Where shall I start….Looking for a leisure read, this is the book for you. How easy a New Year’s Eve dinner turns into a monthly gathering of friends. Some of the best unexpected events happen as turn each page. Gaskell’s characters, their conversations and their relationships are relatable. And I have to admit that I literally laughed out loud during some of this book (in a good way, of course). The seven include two couples and three singles, with one of the singles being an elder gentleman with much wisdom to share. The story will simmer. A Table for Seven proves that things are not always what they seem. A group of friends, good food, good wine, and a story not only of friendship, but the continuation of living beyond mishaps. Let us not forget, with these dinner club meetings come some extraordinary and savory menus.The only thing missing were a list of the recipes in the back.


Dresser Do-Over


When I first moved, I just knew I was going to have to invest in a dresser. The hard part of that I have envisioned was going to be finding a not-so-modern dresser that I would be able to put my style to. Well thank you to my parents, for handing down my brother’s childhood dresser to me. I now had a project ahead of me!

My original intention was to just change the color of the dresser. I was going to keep the handles and just spray paint them. I felt they were the “perfect enough, old-school” that I wanted. However, as I started removing the handles to prepare for the makeover…some of them broke (so sad). The handles were old enough indeed, I guess. After creating my DIY Union Jack Trunk, it was important to stick to my room’s color scheme with the dresser (so no black paint). Thank goodness I had some of the Bedford Blue left over, and it turned out to be more than enough to complete the job.


IMG_3139 IMG_3140 20130810_153832 (1)

20130811_214718 (1)

It took about two weeks of hunting online and visiting numerous hardware stores before I was able to find the knobs of my dreams (Ha!). I even carried the drawer with me from store to store. Thanks to the friendly staff at Restoration Hardware, I was able to a little “try before I buy”. I opted for the Hanson Knob in a satin nickel finish. Two for each drawer.


I searched high and low, literally, in numerous stores before taking my search to the web. Thanks to SEO Chic Shelf Paper for making my search a little easier. I was able to order the drawer liner pre-cut. I just provided the measurements in my order, so when they arrived I could line my drawers to give me this “spotedt surprise” on the inside.



Now I can dress up my dresser with some great finds. How did I do? Are you inspired to transform an older furniture piece you own?

*No Playlist for this one. I got to watch (listen mostly) to previous seasons of Scandal (smile).