Well hello there! I am so happy you’ve stopped by. You’ve landed on this page, which means you must who is behind this blog.

Being VeeLashae is about celebrating life, simply refined. I’ve given up trying to characterize just what type of blog Being VeeLashae is or will be. In a world where we are bombarded by so much commercialism it is easy to adapt an attitude of “want, want, want.” I’ve been there. As I’ve grown and experienced the ups and downs of life, I’ve learned to embrace more of the attitude of “what do I need.” I’ll share bits of my life and experiences, that’s only fair, right? The goal of Being VeeLashae is to inspire and encourage readers through some of the things I’ve come to love doing. So hopefully, you’ll be able to join in…here with me.

Fast Fun Facts:

History behind my name

My mom read the Archie Comics and fell in love with the name Veronica

Favorite cook books

How to Roast a Lamb, Vegan Soul Kitchen

My guilty pleasure

A glass of wine with dinner

Pet peeves

Chipped nail polish, dirty/water-spotted silverware, and gum poppers

Worst habit

Procrastination, rarely flossing

My go-to dessert

Warm, homemade 7-up pound cake

First celebrity crush

Danny, from New Kids on the Block

Three all-time favorite tv shows

SNL, Beverly Hills 90210 (90’s show), Girlfriends

Favorite quote

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”


Recent Posts

Be Careful What You Pray For | Kimberla Lawson Roby

Be Careful What You Pray For

I finished this book in less than four days, however it has taken me two weeks to compose my thoughts for this review. I just wasn’t sure where to begin, what to include or what to leave to out. Let me first start by admitting that Be Careful What You Pray for is the first book I have read from the Curtis Black series. It’s book number nine of 10. So YES! I have some MAJOR catching up to do.

Prestige, greed, deception, and divine intervention untangle the web of lies that makes a mega church pastor’s daughter learn the importance of being careful what you pray for. It’s worth the few hours to breeze through this read.

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