Be Careful What You Pray For | Kimberla Lawson Roby

Be Careful What You Pray For

I finished this book in less than four days, however it has taken me two weeks to compose my thoughts for this review. I just wasn’t sure where to begin, what to include or what to leave to out. Let me first start by admitting that Be Careful What You Pray for is the first book I have read from the Curtis Black series. It’s book number nine of 10. So YES! I have some MAJOR catching up to do.

Prestige, greed, deception, and divine intervention untangle the web of lies that makes a mega church pastor’s daughter learn the importance of being careful what you pray for. It’s worth the few hours to breeze through this read.


House Girl | Tara Conklin

House Girl


I can’t recall why I decided to read this book, but I do remember it was on a list with other books I had previously read and thoroughly enjoyed.

Two stories more than a century apart intersect in Conklin’s House Girl. A story of a “house girl” slave, Josephine, in the 1800s and her relationship with her mistress. Josephine’s story is one of a passion and artistry skill she and her mistress have and the illustrations they have created. While modern-day Lina, a litigation attorney, is brought aboard a reparations of slaver case in which art and generational lineage unfolds as she digs to find the truth behind some valuable and historical illustrations created in the 1800s.

With little romance, House Girl reveals a story of hope, heart breaks, lies, failings and triumphs as the stories of the past put together the puzzle of the present. As I closed the cover of the book, I was glad I did pick up House Girl to read!

Welcoming Underway

I received a visit from my creative & crafty aunt. One of her first questions to me was, “When are you going to put something on your door, so people can feel welcomed.” I know this sounds like a question coming from my aunt, however, it was more of a statement. I must admit, at first, I was a little hesitant to hang anything on my door except a wreath at Christmas-time since my door leads to an inside hallway. That thought obviously didn’t last long. So we visited our local craft store and picked up a few things to create a door hanger.

Although, my entryway is still in progress, I couldn’t wait to share the lovely door hanger we did. And notice the butterfly? Much like the butterfly in my logo. Did you know that a butterfly symbolizes transformation, changes of the soul. I do think we as humans can relate to life stages of a butterfly, as we are constantly evolving. But that’s a story for another time. So back to the door hanger we made.

door hanger
The lighting in my building’s hallway is a tad bit dim.

Door hanger close-up
Here’s a closeup with the true colors of the door hanger.

Materials used:
– wood initial lettering
– weldbond glue
– twine
– plastic floral petals
– glittered butterfly clip on
– ribbon
– black door hanger
– velcro to secure the letter to the door

Now, I’m glad we put out heads together and made a door hanger. I ended up needing to hang the door hanger to the side of the peephole so I could successfully see out. (I do use my peephole when I hear a knock at the door, wink.)

What have you done to your door to give you and your guest a welcoming impression when they arrive at your door?