House Girl | Tara Conklin

House Girl


I can’t recall why I decided to read this book, but I do remember it was on a list with other books I had previously read and thoroughly enjoyed.

Two stories more than a century apart intersect in Conklin’s House Girl. A story of a “house girl” slave, Josephine, in the 1800s and her relationship with her mistress. Josephine’s story is one of a passion and artistry skill she and her mistress have and the illustrations they have created. While modern-day Lina, a litigation attorney, is brought aboard a reparations of slaver case in which art and generational lineage unfolds as she digs to find the truth behind some valuable and historical illustrations created in the 1800s.

With little romance, House Girl reveals a story of hope, heart breaks, lies, failings and triumphs as the stories of the past put together the puzzle of the present. As I closed the cover of the book, I was glad I did pick up House Girl to read!


The Three Year Mark


The day has come! After moving back in with my parents three years ago (July 2010), I have finally found a place of my own to re-spread my wings and soar. As I sit here typing this with a glass of wine nearby, I look around to see I have a lot decorate and personalize to make this place my home. I’ve cleaned out most of my boxes, but still have a few left to go through (as you can see in the above picture).

I’m on a mission to fall in love with life (simply living). I have a lot to be thankful for. These past three years have allowed me to realize what is important, and to live with what I have rather than what I “want, want, want.”

Anyways, enough with my rambling. I’ve had the desire to blog for a few years now, and with the encouragement of some great friends like Kate, the witty mastermind behind Kate O Lynch and Tasha, the informative fashionista heading Imperfect Concepts, I’m just stepping out and going for it.

So here—welcome to Enlightenments by Vee–a collection of my adventures since turning 30 (just last month), decorating my place to call home, and well…well… Just Life!!!

This time around, I’m “grounded” better and wiser. Hey! some people say “When you’re in your 20’s you’re still trying to find yourself. And that you don’t really begin to enjoy life until you reach 30.” So let’s see what happens…